Welcome to the Railroader's FRC Robotic's Team 5282 site. We are dedicated to the learning, raising awareness and raising interest of the high school students of Durand, MI in the areas of science, math, technology, engineering and design.

About Team 5282 - The Railroaders

2016 is our third school year in the FIRST Robotics Competition.
We have 23 student members, 6 mentors, and a very supportive parent group this year.
We have worked our way through our first competition season earning a highest seeded rookie award and ranking number 76th out of 277 teams in the state of Michigan. More important than our rank is our team philosophy following the FIRST Robotics Organization of Gracious Professionalism and Coopertition.

Team Members for 2016 season

Here are our team members.

Levi - Builder/Designer (3rd Year)

Ryan - Programmer (2nd Year)

PJ - Safety Team(3rd Year)

Brandon - Builder(1st Year)

Nash - Builder(1st Year)

Silver - Builder(1st Year)

Mikey - Builder(1st Year)

Simon - Programmer(1st Year)

Jessica - Builder(1st Year)

Anthony - Tech(1st Year)

Brittany - Safety Captain (3rd Year)

Dana - (3rd Year)

Ashley - Awards Submitter/ Public Relations(2nd Year)

Sada - Designer/ Builder (2nd Year)

Paige - Safety Team(2nd Year)

Will - Builder(1st Year)

Jordan - Designer/Programmer/Builder/Driver Coach (3rd Year)

Ian - Builder/ Pit Design(1st Year)

Andy - Designer/Builder (3rd Year)

August - Bumper Expert/Builder (3rd Year)

Alex - Programmer (2nd Year)

Justin - Builder/ Pit Design(2nd Year)

Miller - Builder(1st Year)

Mentors for 2016 season

These individuals have provided their professional experience to guide the student members while constructing our robot.

Justin Shankster - Head Mentor/ HS Art Teacher/ (3rd year)

Rebecca Shankster - Head Mentor/ MS Science Teacher/ MS STEM Teacher/ (3rd year)

Katie Shankster - Mentor/ General Motors Mechanical Engineer / (3rd year)

John LaRose - Team Advisor/ Industrial Engineer (GM)/ (3rd year)

Brian Taylor - Build Mentor/Parent/ Piano Technician/ (3rd year)

Lee Reed - Build Mentor/Parent/ (3rd year)

Buddy Hinojosa - Build Mentor/Parent/ (1st year)

Community Partners for 2016 season

The success of our team could not be possible without the help and support of the following community business partners in the 2016 year.

Aluminum Level Sponsors $100 +

Riverside Market
(989) 288-3382 Durand, MI

Nelson Tile and Marble
(810) 333-1251

Shaws Pharmacy
(989) 288-6886 Durand, MI

XYZ Landscape Supply
(989) 288-4600 Durand, MI

Wrench Level Sponsors $50 +

Ace Hardware
(989) 288-3153 Durand, MI

Rivet Level Sponsors $25 +

Self Serve Lumber
(989) 288-4171 Durand, MI


Justin Shankster, Lead Mentor
Durand High School/
(810) 347-3125