Welcome to the Railroader's FRC Robotic's Team 5282 site. We are dedicated to serving the high school students of Durand, MI in the areas of science, math, technology, engineering and design.

Our team started with a grant from CASM and donations and support from local community members and businesses near Durand and Shiawassee county in the 2013/2014 school year. Scroll down or use the buttons at the side to meet our members, mentors, and sponsors for the 2014/2015 school year.

The Youth Team Member Registration (formerly known as Student Team Information Member System) is now open! Team members and their parent/guardians can now login to apply to the team (5282) and complete the electronic Consent and Release form as soon as possible. Returning users may login using their existing credentials; new student users may create an account by clicking on the “new youth user” button on the login page: https://my.usfirst.org/stims/Login.aspx. Detailed information regarding the process is available here: http://www.usfirst.org/roboticsprograms/team-member- registration-process-overview.

About Team 5282 - The Railroaders

2015 is our second school year in the (FRC)FIRST Robotics Competition.
Most of our members from last year are going to be able to remain on the team and we are expecting to increase the amount of members on our team.
We have worked our way through our first competition season earning a highest seeded rookie award and ranking number 76th out of 277 teams in the state of Michigan.
We are looking forward to getting a strong start to this next school year with community presentations scheduled at the Durand Memorial Library and the Vernon Public Library Car Show and training sessions to prepare for the 2015 season such as autocad and html/ css web design.
All of our mentors are planning on returning for this season and we are always welcoming more help.

Team Members for 2015 season

Here are our team members.

Brenden - Builder/ Driver/ Second Year

Jon - Builder/ Pit Crew/ Team Safety Captain/ Second Year

Levi - Designer/ Builder/ Pit Crew/ Battery Expert/ Second Year

Brittany - Public Relations/ Fundraiser/ Records/ Lead Scout/ Second Year

Dana - Fundraiser/ T-Shirt Committee Leader/ Public Relations/ Photographer/ Scout/ Second Year

Alex - Team Artist/ Second Year

Jordan - Driver/ Driver Coach/ Builder/ Programmer/ Electric/ Designer/ Second Year

Andrew - Expert Builder/ Muscle/ Pit Crew/ Second Year

Jason - Designer/ Builder/ Pit Crew/ Second Year

August - Builder/ Bumper Expert/ Pit Crew/ Human Player/ Second Year

Mentors for 2015 season

These individuals have provided their professional experience to guide the student members while constructing our robot.

Justin Shankster - Head Mentor/ Art Teacher/ Second Year

Rebecca Shankster - Head Mentor/ Science Teacher/ Math Teacher/ Second Year

Katie Shankster - Mentor/ Mechanical Engineer/ Second Year (GM)

John LaRose - Mentor/ Industrial Engineer (GM)/ Second Year

Brian Taylor - Mentor/Parent/ Piano Technician/ Second Year

Lee Reed - Mentor/ Aeronautics Electrical Technician/Parent/ Second Year

Dereck Monroe- Kettering Student/ Mentor/ FRC Alumni/ Second Year

Community Partners for 2015 season

The success of our team could not be possible without the help and support of the following community partners in the 2015 year.

Papa Joes Pizza
(989) 288-3371 Durand, MI

Waltham, Massachusetts, USA

Labview Programming

Here are some examples of the programming used for our robot in the 2014 season.

2014 Robot Project.aliases

2014 Robot Project.lvlps

Periodic Tasks.vi


Titan Boss mkII.lvlps

Titan Boss.lvproj

2014 Robot Project.lvproj

Autonomous Independent.vi


Robot Main.vi

Titan Boss mkII.aliases

Titan Boss.lvlps


cRIO Robot Project.aliases


Elapsed Times.vi

Robot Global Data.vi


Titan Boss mkII.lvproj

Vision Processing.vi


Justin Shankster, Lead Mentor
Durand High School/
(810) 347-3125